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Game Changers

Writer Rachel Johnston is settled in a solitary life until an unexpected encounter sends her skidding sideways. Soccer player Jaye Stokes is everything Rachel is not—confident, positive, and dedicated to pursuing a relationship with Rachel. As spring blends into summer, their connection deepens. Jaye plays her best soccer ever, and Rachel is drawn to possibilities she’d never dared dream of: a loving partner, a shared life, happiness.

But can Rachel trust Jaye enough to share her long-buried dark secret? How can they ever overcome the constant disapproval of Jaye’s best friend?

Without warning a tragic accident sends both women reeling, and suddenly the rules of the game aren’t clear at all. Is there light at the end of the tunnel or will the flame be extinguished? Find out in this passionate debut romance from Jane Cuthbertson.

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2020 Goldie Award Winner!
Debut Author Award & Contemporary Romance
Golden Crown Literary Society


Good News:

My First Publication!

I have a story in the new anthology, TIME'S RAINBOW: Writing Ourselves Back into American History. It's called "Ghostly Crossing."

You can get this terrific anthology in print or ebook at bookstores and e-tailers everywhere. Or HERE.



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